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There is someone in trouble in your congregation.

They don’t want to tell you because they’re embarrassed.

They don’t even want to tell their best friends.

Is it a pride thing?

Instead they show up every week with a smile and a firm handshake and all the appearances of everything is OK.

Underneath it all, they are about to explode with anxiety and fear.

They are being told so many different stories about what they should and shouldn’t do with their home.

Should they do a short sale? Loan Modification? Refinance? Walk Away?

The answers aren’t clear.

We hear it all the time, the person comes in and says…"We called the Loan Mod company and they said our only option was a loan modification" and "we spoke to a short sale agent and they said the only thing to do is to sell as a short sale". 

And our answer:  Of course they said that.  Because if you don’t hire them for what they specialize in, they won’t get paid.

This is why I created   To provide a safe, confidential and knowledgeable place where people can openly discuss their situation and be pointed in the right direction.

One of our goals when meeting with people in distressed situations is to empower them with information. Not stacks of pamphlets they have to digest but simply through conversation and a personal relationship.

If you’re a church leader and your financial counseling department is overloaded with distressed homeowner situations, fill the gap by contacting

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